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Seattle Conference: Mindful Families, Schools & Communities

Attend the Mindful Families, Schools & Communities Promoting Child Well-being Conference and be inspired! The University of Washington Center for Child & Family Well-being will host its Biennial Mindfulness Research Conference this April 17 – 18 at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center in Seattle, WA. This conference provides a valuable opportunity to experience dynamic presentations by leading researchers and practitioners.  Learn about cutting-edge research and practical programs that really work.  The  focus… Read More »

Cultivating Kindness and Compassion

Mindfulness is paying attention here and now, with kindness and curiosity, and then choosing your behavior — Amy Salzman. The non-judging aspect of kind attention allows us to be with things as they are, even if we don’t like it. This awareness moves us out of resistance and opens us to compassionate choices.  Children resonate intuitively with the concept of kind and curious attention. An upset child can be coached to be mindful… Read More »

Mindfulness in the Mercer Island Schools – Panel

A 7th grader discovered that “you can be calm and happy for a moment.” A 5th grader looked out the window and thought, “I’m bored,“ but then thought again, “Wait. No I’m not. I’m enjoying the view.” She decided to stay sitting, and her father joined her… A 12th grader shared that after using the mindfulness techniques, “I felt like a huge weight was taken off me.” Students’ insights, such as these,… Read More »

Mindfulness Education: Two Free March Events!

Mindfulness Education in K-12 Schools – a Panel Discussion for Parents will be held in Seattle at Frantz Coe Elementary, Tuesday, March 18, 6:30 – 8:00.  Come see how Mindfulness-based education is being done in and around Seattle! How to Create Resilient Students and Adults – Webinar takes place Tuesday, March 11th, 4:00 – 5:00 PDT.   Dr. Clay Cook, Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, presents research on  resiliency.… Read More »

Upcoming Events

Momentum builds around the globe in support of teaching mindfulness to our future generations. Two exciting national conferences, coming in early 2014, bring together leaders in the field with the people putting mindfulness education into practice. In the Pacific Northwest, the University of Washington’s Center for Child and Family Well-Being starts off the new year with a daylong Mindful Parenting workshop by Jon and Myla Kabat-Zinn. The Center is also sponsoring… Read More »