Mindful Loving: Awakening the Mind & Heart, Blog 5

“Love is sweet, tender and delicious! Love brings happiness to our self and others. We love by the way we walk, speak, listen, sit, and eat. The way we live our daily lives, take care of our self, and love and help other people, animals, and the earth. The way we are truly present. The way we notice and understand. The well-being of the world depends on us.” —Thich Nhat… Read More »

Mindful Eating: Awakening the Mind & Heart, Blog 4

“When we can slow down and really enjoy our food, our life takes on a much deeper quality. I love to sit and eat quietly and enjoy each bite, aware of the presence of my community, aware of all the hard and loving work that has gone into my food. When I eat in this way, not only am I physically nourished, I am also spiritually nourished. The way I… Read More »

Mindful Walking: Awakening the Mind and Heart, Blog 3

The practice of mindful walking is a profound and pleasurable way to deepen our connection with our body, earth, and life. Often when we walk, we are not in our body—we rush around, lost in our thinking, disconnected from our surroundings. Mindful walking unites our body and mind; each conscious step increases our awareness of the present moment. When we touch the earth with awareness, we stop “sleepwalking” and awaken to… Read More »

Mindful Breathing: Awakening the Mind & Heart, Blog 2

Breathing is a miracle, a true gift. Our breath is with us every moment of our life. Breathing is designed to happen on autopilot; we breathe all day long and mostly don’t even notice it. Our attention to our inner world and outer world can also be on autopilot—when this occurs we are not fully embodied or present. Mindful breathing practices anchor us in our body, awakening our mind and heart to more of life’s precious moments.… Read More »

Daily Mindfulness Practices 4 Life: Awakening the Mind & Heart, Blog 1

Spring is the season of awakening and the ideal time to introduce our ♥Awakening the Mind & Heart: Daily Mindfulness Practices 4 Life Blog Series©. Based on the work of Thich Nhat Hanh, this series presents in-the-moment mindfulness strategies to increase our well-being. Four upcoming blogs will highlight: Mindful Breathing, Mindful Walking, Mindful Eating, and Mindful Loving. These simple, yet profoundly powerful actions open our minds and hearts to the… Read More »